Collaboration Unlocks Creativity

Let's Work Together

The packaging process with TCC's collaborative team

New products that require a custom packaging design, or products that require a packaging redesign, demand both a creative and strategic approach, and that’s where we shine. By combining a variety of disciplines and joining forces with you early in the process, we form a collaborative team that can get the very best results. We’ll take into account all the brand objectives, as well as the objectives of the consumer and retailer. Our collaborative methodology focuses on three main areas: consumer desirability, technical feasibility and business viability.


Consumer desirability means delivering on what makes your consumer tick. It means capitalizing on all the demographics, category trends, studies, surveys and data available. When we work together, we can uncover what your consumer wants from your products' package, whether that’s a sense of desire, attraction, comfort, enjoyment or love.

Practical Issues

Technical feasibility addresses the manufacturability of the packaging. If a great idea can’t be manufactured, it’s not such a great idea. Here we anticipate the tooling and tooling design required to manufacture the package. We also ask the crucial question: Hybrid- plastic and paperboard folding carton Can it be manufactured and assembled efficiently on an automated line? Our designers and engineers work hand in hand during this packaging development process to insure only the best and most feasible ideas move forward.


The business viability of your packaging must also be addressed in the early stages to achieve the best result in the later stages. While quantitative metrics can be difficult to come by due to a broad range of factors, we’ll share our industry experience and work with you to tackle topics like a packages’ impact on sales, ROI and its effectiveness in growing sales and margin.

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