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Experience Counts

Transparent Container’s success has been built on extensive industry expertise across multiple market segments. We thrive on the challenge to create something new to the world - something that makes a consumer think and feel that the product in the Transparent Container package is unquestionably better than anything else on the shelf.

Health & Beauty Packaging in a printed folding cartonHealth & Beauty Packaging

Shelf impact can easily determine success or failure in this category more than others. Cosmetic and health companies require the ability to respond quickly to changes in the marketplace and satisfy the latest trends if they want to succeed in this highly volatile market. We can help you meet consumer demands while maintaining the brand promise.

Consumer Electronics Packaging xentris Consumer Electronics Packaging in a plastic clamshell with an insert

Because technology is constantly changing, we quickly adapt to new developments for your product line to provide the best protection, security and shelf appeal. We employ new manufacturing processes and optimal workflow systems to achieve the greatest results.

Grip Tite Hardware Packaging in pillar packagingHardware & Houseware Packaging

We know how to work within this category where weight and multi-component type products require unique, performance-driven solutions.

School & Office Packaging Sharpie School, Home & Office Packaging in a printed plastic folding carton

We can deliver on the high-volume demands within this category that often has lightweight products in small-format packaging.

Bosch Automotive Packaging in blister packaging
Automotive Packaging

Unusual shapes and product configurations demand unusual design thinking. We have no problem effectively presenting a windshield wiper blade or multiple spark plugs.



Food, Medical, Pet, Sporting Goods, Toys & Hobby, Tobacco, and Retail Packaging.Retail Solutions:  window folding carton, blisters, custom thermoform packaging

Sally Hansen RPET Foil UV Litho Printed Folding Carton
Sally Hansen
Folding Carton