Folding Cartons

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Paperboard folding carton and display

In the category of folding cartons we include the packaging styles of rounds and lids. All styles are made with extreme precision and amazing surface quality. Sizes and shapes are practically limitless and so is printing.

With our plastic packaging, you can print on both the first and second surface for spectacular three-dimensional effects. With various printing techniques, you can combine areas of opacity, translucency and transparency to surround your product with bold, beautiful imagery. All three styles are available from our in-stock program and therefore offer an economical benefit, or they can be custom-made to meet your requirements.

Our paperboard packaging carries high quality graphics, the sturdiness to accommodate all variety of products and almost limitless options on die-cuts, folds and the shape of the finished structure.

Let us show you some of the spectacular solutions we’ve created for other clients and then let your imagination run wild. We’ll help you realize your most creative concepts and of course, we’ll bring our own creative ideas to the table as well. Our designers use a fully integrated CAD/CAM system to quickly get the best ideas from concept stage to the production line. Let’s get started.

 Folding Carton Brochure

Sally Hansen RPET Foil UV Litho Printed Folding Carton
Sally Hansen
Folding Carton
Neutrogena Printed Folding Carton with Custom Thermoformed Plastic Tray