Rounds plastic round gourmet food packaging

When you have product that can show off with 360° of visibility, rounds are a great choice. We offer round containers two ways: Classic and Traditional.

Our Classic Rounds feature solid metal bottoms for added strength, durability and capability of handling heavier items. There’s a beaded lip for additional rigidity, and all lids create a tight seal. Classic Rounds come perfectly clear, or decorated with an exclusive custom façade.

Traditional Rounds have all the benefits of Classic Rounds, but instead of the metal bottom, they have a rigid, ribbed and reinforced white plastic bottom. Designed for high-volume applications, Traditional Rounds are beautifully cost-efficient.

Rounds are also part of our In-Stock program that includes products and tooling and is an incredible way to create an effective package while saving time and money. Stock rounds include the following:

plastic round packaging for food and candy
plastic round packaging for food and candy