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The Secret to Radius' Double-Digit Growth

BXP - CXO Series  •  January 2018

As CEO and president of Radius, Saskia Foley is continuing a family tradition focused on elevating the every day. In addition to her more than 20 years of experience in CPG in roles as diverse as assembler to executive vice president of sales and marketing. Foley brings a passion for innovative and corporate social responsibility.

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Dental protector package makes a dramatic entrance

Packaging Strategies  •  October 2015

When McKeon Products, Inc. out of Warren, MI chose to introduce its new Lunaguard nighttime dental protector in the spring of 2015, it wanted to do so in style.  "We wanted to arrive in the oral care section of drug stores and mass retailers with a package that projected the uniqueness and high quality of Lunaguard," says Dan Asma, president of McKeon.  "We were referred to Transparent Container Company by the designer that conceived the package design, and they created exactly what we needed."

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No Clear-Cut Answer

Beauty Packaging   •  September 2015

Returning production back to the U.S. is of utmost imporance to Transparent Container, according to Eric Clamp, director of marketing.  He says, "It's a topic we're strongly committed to.  We've devoted extensive resources to studying the issue, looking for trends, insights, and actionable ideas that our customers and prospects can use in their businesses."   Read More







Transparent Container - G7 Master Qualified Printer

Beauty Packaging  •  January 2015

Transparent Container Achieves G7 Master Printer Status

Transparent Container is proud to be a G7 Master Qualified Printer.  G7 is a qualified program that identifies those creatives, premedia and printing companies who have been trained to proof or print to G7 Neutral Print Density Curves and can meet brand images across print locations and different printing types.  The qualification mark means that the printer uses the modern technology based on colorimetry, and employ G7 process controls.    Read More




How To Ensure Your Packaging Is Aligned With The Brand

Package Design  • December 2014

packaging designer at Transparent Container

It doesn't matter if you are managing a large product line for an established brandname or launching the first product of a fledgling company, keeping your packaging aligned with the brand should be a critical goal.

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Boxed Blisters Showcase High Quality Toothbrushes

Packaging Digest   •  December 2014

Boxed blister package

Radius designs and manufacturers its products in-house on energy-sufficient, solar-powered machines in Kutztown, PA, where each product is inspected by hand, designed to last and unconditionally guaranteed. 

Its revolutionary ergonomic toothbrush construction has a resounding 5,500 thin nylon bristles and is offered in right- and left-handed styles.  

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Visibility the key to Bonus Pack

Packaging World  •  July 2014

PVC Window with paperpboard folding carton

 United Pet Group’s FURminator deShedding tool has legions of fans among pet owners who would rather proactively remove hair from their dogs and cats rather than having to vacuum it up once its fallen where it will of its own accord. But this spring the Cincinnati-based firm launched a new product called Shed Control Cloths that are designed for daily use as opposed to the recommended weekly use of the deShedding tool. To boost interest in the launch, UPG needed a special promo bonus pack to be displayed exclusively at PetSmart stores, and their search led them pretty quickly to Transparent Container.

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