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Company Values

Leading the Retail Packaging Industry Through What We Value


To be the preferred supplier for paperboard and plastic retail packaging solutions, and the preferred employer in the regions in which we operate.


We deliver our customers what they want, when promised, without incident in an environmentally responsible manner.


To our customers, we provide responsive service and high quality products with exceptional value through innovation and continual improvement. To ourselves, we provide a clean and safe work environment with opportunity for personal development and success. To our communities, we meet or exceed environmental regulations and prevent pollution. We are committed to the long term growth and prosperity of our customers, employees, communities, environment and company.


Growth: We are fueled by growth, which helps keep us strong and nimble.
Growth in our revenues allows for wage increases and investment in the future. Growth in our services and capabilities keeps us desirable to new customers. To remain successful, we must continue to grow.

Prosperity: Both our short and long-term financial success provides the investment required for excellence and innovation. Without prosperity, we cannot achieve our Purpose or be ready for new Opportunities.

Excellence: We strive to achieve the highest standards of excellence in everything we do: Customer Service, Quality, Safety, Compliance, Productivity and Ethics.

Innovation: We are committed to growing our business through internally and customer driven innovations in new and existing products, processes, and services.

Purpose: We provide all employees with the opportunity for personal development and success. We provide employees with better wages and benefits at lower costs than average. We strive to enrich our employees, their families and communities where we live…and have fun doing it.

Opportunity: Our long-term success is dependent on maintaining the flexibility and openness to accept unforeseen new business opportunities. We will maintain the resources necessary to be prepared to say “Yes” to the right opportunities.