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Contract Packaging

After the design and manufacturing of your packaging, you may want to take advantage of our high-quality, reliable and cost-effective contract packaging services. We’re just the right fit when you want to get your product to market on time and on budget. And we’re the partner you need when facing issues of a product introduction, limited or maxed out production facilities, equipment investments, storage, staffing and training, and so on. Let us provide the complete packaging solution you need with expertise, flexibility, versatility, logistics and distribution.


The core advantage of our contract packaging services is found in our 50+ years of integrated experience working directly with major brand owners and their retailers to deliver high-impact product packaging to retailers’ shelves. Your Transparent Container team members are professionals with an average tenure of 17 years. They understand the urgency of your issues and problems and will help you anticipate, avoid and solve them. By having us work side-by-side with you, you get a more effective and seamless end-to-end, retail packaging solutions experience.


As retailers make more and more demands on your finished product, it’s essential to have a partner who’s nimble with every aspect of turnkey packaging solutions. We deliver unparalleled production flexibility to insure your project has the most cost-effective and scalable labor and technology solutions available. And our services are sure to cover your needs from heat sealing (for plastic packaging), assembly and kitting to wrapping, cartoning and club store display builds.

We can start up your packaging operation with little notice, no matter how difficult or complex the project. And regardless of your manufacturers’ port-of entry or your retailers’ distribution points, our strategic, coast-to-coast locations allow us to be there for you, wherever “there” might be.

Inventory Management

Once your product is packaged, we offer programs to warehouse it from the most strategically advantageous locations. We then securely manage your inventories from scheduled shipment to just-in-time deliveries. Managing the process from your end is easy with TransAccess™. It’s our secure, online client portal where you can check your order status, manage your Transparent Container account information and contact you team members.

Whether you need an end-to-end packaging solution that moves from design to manufacturing to contract packaging, or you just need contract packaging alone, we’re here for you with experience and expertise built right in.

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