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Heat Seal Tooling

The idea is to design both the blister and the tooling on the same CAD/CAM system to assure their compatibility. So that’s exactly what we do.

Getting Started

First we document the sealing machine and tooling we’re working with and create templates of them in a CAD program. Then we obtain card size and blister location from you to create a CAD template for that. The blister template is then combined with the sealing machine template where all the components (blister molds and machine tools) are designed.

Once the design is complete, the blister molds and auto-feed/heat seal tooling are transferred to our automatic CAM programs for fabrication. Parts are CNC machined, assembled and engraved with a heat seal job number. Assemblies are checked for specified accuracy and vacuum tested with the corresponding blisters.

When you place your Heat Seal Tooling order with your Blister order, everything will be shipped together – delivered in as little as 12 days. Transparent Container has the shortest lead times in the industry.

heat seal tooling

Auto-Feed Guarantee

The biggest benefit of having heat seal tooling experts like us provide the blister and the tooling, is that they come with an auto-feed guarantee. It’s true; when certain basic blister design criteria are met, our blisters are guaranteed to auto-feed. There’s never a reason to worry about expensive downtime. Throughput will be excellent.

The tools make a difference. We design and build all the tooling you need for use on most of the major manufacturers’ machines, and even some custom equipment. Tools include:

  • Nesting trays
  • Blister chute and Card rack
  • Plug Assembly and Manifold block
  • Profiled heater platen
  • Quick connect auto-feed tooling

Once your line is up and running, you can count on us to keep it that way. Because we share your anxiety over downtime, replacement of damaged tooling gets our highest priority with lead times as little as 3 days and prefab components that ship within 24hours.

Get a quality blister designed and made by us, along with our tooling that will have your blisters running swiftly and smoothly through your line, and you’ll have an exceptional package and a powerful competitive advantage.

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