Whether it’s printed plastic packaging or printed paperboard packaging, we can do it all and that means you can do it all. Nothing is out of the question. Our presses, technologies and workflow processes for pre-press and printing add a positive impact on time to market, overall quality and project cost-effectiveness.

Materials and Coatings

We always want to use materials and coatings that are the most appropriate for both the product and the finished package and therefore we’re material neutral, whether we’re manufacturing plastic or paperboard packaging. We continue to explore ways to substitute or incorporate more sustainable materials in the package itself and in printing. That means using inks that include soy, vegetable or other renewable content; making alcohol replacements in fountain solutions; and providing a range of recycled papers.

Our printed packaging expertise includes printing on many different substrates and using various coatings:

  • Plastic (APET, PVC, PP, PE)
  • All types of paper, paperboard, and corrugated materials (Micro-flute, SBS, WCCNB, TBC, SUS)
  • UV matte and gloss finishes
  • Aqueous and solvent-based coatings, including FDA approved formulations, for heat seal and non heat seal applications
  • High-end drum scanning
  • Custom coatings such as pearlescent, Iriodin®, metallized, soft touch, textured and interference

To increase the perceived value of your product and create a customized,  unique and upscale look, consider our variety of finishes. We offer foil stamping, FlexFoil® which is an economical alternative to foil stamping, embossing, and cast and cure holographic effects.

printed paperboard folding carton with plastic tray
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