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Blister Packaging & Blister Cards

Our engineering, mold making and design team can work with you to design custom blister packaging that conforms to your exact specifications and optimizes your productivity. Because we manufacture both the blister and the card, you’ll get the highest quality protective and product-enhancing carded packaging solution.

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Blister Packaging

We can deliver blister package quantities from 12,500 pieces to tens of millions. Let’s just decide what blister style is best for your product—face seal, reverse seal, trapped, skin board, club pack, Ecolock®—and we’ll get it done.

Quality design, engineering and production take time, but we have some of the shortest lead times in the industry and can help you get your product to market quickly. After receiving your order, we’ll ship a sample blister to you within three business days. After receiving your approval on the blister, within twelve business days we’ll ship your entire blister order and all the tools you’ll need for your auto-feed and heat sealing equipment. Blisters that meet certain basic design criteria even come with an auto-feed guarantee. If we’re doing the assembly and sealing, your approval on the blister is our signal to start production and meet your deadline.

ComboBlister® Program

Transparent Container invented the combination run blister in 1980 and despite today’s imitators of our ComboBlister® no one offers the low cost of entry, better speed to market, range of materials and gauges, production efficiencies and inventory flexibility that we do.

In the ComboBlister program, your order is combined with our customer orders that have a common set-up.  In other words, we group small runs of the same gauge on the same sheet so everyone shares the tooling costs, resulting in a unit cost similar to much larger runs.

Blister Cards

Our blister cards are manufactured on SBS stock. And because we are G7 Master Printer certified, you will get the best color management available. We can print up to 6 colors on front and 6 colors on back, and coated with a heat-seal coating. This packaging is an excellent way to show off your product when hung on a peg and provides theft protection. Several types of carded packaging are blister cards, fold-over cards, and trapped blister cards.

Heat Seal and Autofeed Tooling

We design and build all the tooling you need for use on most of the major manufacturers’ machines, and even some custom equipment.

A quality blister designed and made by Transparent Container, implemented with tooling engineered and fabricated by Transparent Container, running swiftly and smoothly through a line fine-tuned by Transparent Container will maximize your productivity and give your company a powerful competitive advantage. No other blister supplier will do more to assure your success.

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