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Hybrid Packaging

Packaging Innovation Realized

When your brand needs separation from the pack, has unique on shelf requirements or demands an unmatched user experience for ecommerce sales; a Hybrid Packaging solution from Transparent Container is what you are looking for.

Create the rich unboxing experience you are looking for by combining two or more custom packaging components into a creative fusion of infinite variety and potential aimed to deliver superlative product display, premium protection and unmatched consumer delight.

By leveraging the broad repertoire of high quality package forms available to you into one of a kind, unique possibilities, you can bring sophistication and mystique to your product, on shelf and through ecommerce. Hybrid Packaging offers the best of multiple words; the broad billboard and visual apeal of printed folding cartons and window boxes along with paperboard and plastic inserts and/or the superior protective and visual aspects of thermoformed clamshells and trays, you can bring to reality the level of value perception deserving of your product.

For example, by integrating the earthy and tactile aspects of a luxuriously decorated windowed folding carton with the practical functionality of a thermoformed tray and lid, you can provide a superior showcase for your product, multiple panels for artistry, copy or product information and excellent protection during distribution so your customer can experience your brand the way you intended.

Find our more by contacting one of our trained sales engineers who can walk you through the process of exploring the limitless possibility available to you through Transparent Container’s Hybrid Packaging program.

printed paperboard folding carton with plastic window for pet products

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