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Trays & Protective Packaging


Thermoformed plastic and paperboard trays are perfect for assortments and point-of-purchase displays because they contain, show-off and protect the product. They’re also great when used as inserts in boxed product kits.
Enhance the look and functionality of your plastic or paperboard tray with ribbing, footing, undercuts, stamping, embossing, and specialized coatings available in a variety of materials that are the most appropriate for your product.

Protective Packaging

From concept to production, we provide custom-designed protective packaging solutions that are innovative, cost-efficient and most importantly, functional. Reflex® cushions are designed for the electronics, retail, music, medical and industrial industries. Reflex® technology is an innovative and highly effective approach to the cushioning of fragile equipment. This system uses vacuum formed cushions to replace traditional flexible foams. It’s designed to protect your product from dynamic impact and repeated impacts.

For product packaging, we offer packaging molds in a variety of heavy gauge thermoformed plastics that can be custom made to suit the needs of shipping, storage and time on the shelf. And we never forget about design. Whether your product is shipping across the street or across the country, we’ll design it to securely protect the product throughout the transportation process.

For shipping and storage, our protective molds and cushions are the best choice. Perfectly engineered and manufactured thermoformed molds will fit exacting specifications. Our cushions are also engineered to the highest standards and are made from 100% recycled PE content making them a great alternative to virgin material options. Reflex® cushions are 100% recyclable and RoHS compliant.

Tell us your protective packaging needs and we’ll deliver a solution that’s built around performance, speed and cost effectiveness.

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