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Stock Tool Packaging Program

Stock Blister Tools

Maybe your company has made the best lip balm, or the best ballpoint pen, or the best tube. But no matter how good it is, it’s not the first lip balm, ballpoint pen or tube. So why pay us, or anyone, to design a new blister for it if a perfectly good blister already exists. The molds are ready to go and the autofeed tooling has already been designed and is available at a discount, so why not save a little scratch? Makes sense to us.

Stock Combo Round Tools

Our innovative ComboBlister® program can reduce your tooling costs by running your order along with other customer orders that have a common set-up. You can save even more by choosing one of the stock shapes for your ComboBlister® order.  Available in 10 mil or 15 mil, our round blisters are good for small or irregularly shaped objects.

Stock Combo Rectangular Tools

Allowing us to combine your stock blister order with other similar customer orders through ComboBlister® program is the most cost-effective way to obtain high quality blisters even in low quantities. These stock blister shapes are useful in holding rectangular products in a proper orientation. There are a variety of stock sizes and heavier gauge options available. Of course, for large orders we can run these stock blisters in runs dedicated to your order alone.

Folding Cartons

For an upscale package that offers full product visibility, you can’t beat a clear plastic folding carton. They’re sturdy enough to handle heavy products, and they provide a high level of product security. We offer a variety of closures and both hanging and shelf display options.


The simple two-piece design of a clear plastic box offers an elegant solution for a view of your product unobstructed by flaps or seams. In addition to looking great, the telescoping lid protects against buckling and tampering. Add a gold foil bottom insert for a premium look.

Classic Rounds

The classic rounds containers feature a solid metal bottom for maximum durability and the strength to handle heavy items. A beaded lip adds rigidity around the top and a nice tight seal with the lid. You can choose completely clear sides or custom design by add a decorative treatment around the bottom.

Econo Rounds

Traditional Rounds are a lower cost alternative to Classic Rounds, these containers use a reinforced ribbed white plastic bottom instead of a metal bottom. They’re great when you need a strong container for high volume applications. The most cost-effective round containers, Econo Rounds use a simple two-part construction: a fullheight lid telescopes over a seamless bottom. The bottom is clear, but it can be enhanced with an oil-resistant gold foil cardboard insert.


For products that are long, thin or stackable, a tower is a great way to show them off. They’re unique shape makes them stand out on the counter, and their rigid construction and tight fitting lids keep your product protected. The container includes a gold foil cardboard bottom insert.


You can think of these as mini versions of our classic rounds. Their beaded lips, metal bottoms and tight fitting lids make these containers extremely sturdy and durable.


A TransClam package is an upscale alternative to a blister package that offers full visibility and better product security. And choosing one of our stock designs makes it an affordable alternative. The simple one-piece design folds at the bottom to enclose the product and a printed card insert.  Customized clamshells are available upon request.

TransClam Platform

Start with one of our stock TransClam Platforms and most of the design work is already done. Then just add a simple shape to match your product and you have all the advantages of a custom designed package without the custom-designed price. Flat fronts and backs are available for all sizes.


These simple one-piece clamshell packages are designed to hold printed card inserts and a wide variety of products. They are available in 15 mil or 17.5 mil.

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