Think Design


Think Design SPI / TINA - Best In Innovation • 2007 Addressing the need to create a package that would WOW the consumer, this package creates a unique interactive experience for the consumer. As the project grew, the question was asked, “How can we create a puzzle that makes getting ‘TO’ the product inside [...]

Personna M5


Personna M5 IoPP AmeriStar Award • 2010 The packaging for Personna uses several components to secure and compliment a sophisticated and state of the art 5-blade shaving system.  The processes implemented were aggressive in sealing three layers and printed inserts.  The high visibility graphics printed on the plastic insert bring this new product into [...]



Microsoft Streets & Trips SPI / TINA - Best In Application  • 2007 The packaging for Microsoft Streets & Trips illustrates how it’s possible to honor a real commitment to Sustainability with packaging solutions that deliver high shelf impact. The Microsoft Streets & Trips product includes both software and hardware, customizable trip planning and [...]



Personna 5 Blade Disposable Razor IoPP AmeriStar Award • 2012 The package allows for complete visual presentation and tamper evidence. The packaging structure consists of two pieces, an outer folded sleeve and an inner-formed tray. The tray, when inserted into the sleeve is used to contain product and prevent easy removal. When these two [...]